4 Common Questions Parents Ask Us All The Time

4 Common Questions Parents Ask Us All The Time

An Early Education FAQ

We understand that when you are looking for a daycare or early learning center in Delaware, that you’ve got choices and are wanting the best for your child. At Shell’s Early Learning Centers, we are as excited about your child’s education as you are and welcome any and all questions you may have. Today, we will review a few of the most common questions parents ask us all the time. 

Are You a Daycare Facility?

No, we are an early education center, offering educational opportunities to all of our little learners. While we do provide many of the same services as a traditional daycare, including nutritious food, plenty of play, and providing basic care to your child, our specialty is on curriculum for children as young as three months. Playing with a purpose is our mission!

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Do My Children Need to Come With Any Skills?

No! Each child is unique and enters their education with various skills. At Shell’s Early Learning Centers, we customize class plans and individualize activities to cater to your child’s interests and developing capabilities. We have very little expectations for our young learners when they begin attending our centers. Our teachers are highly skilled and have the patience and experience to mold and develop children of all ages and abilities. 

Will My Child Be In Advanced Placement Once They Enter Kindergarten?

Not necessarily. At Shell’s, our curriculum prepares children for kindergarten by developing essential skills. However, we focus on providing age-appropriate lessons and include basic life skills like manners, social development, and harnessing strengths and skills. While your child will flourish in kindergarten, the purpose of early education is not to advance academics beyond the child’s age and maturity, rather to properly prepare them to be successful when they attend formal school. 

You’ll see a significant difference in your child when compared to their peers who had no early education opportunities.  

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What Will You Be Teaching My Child?

Everything! We love this question the most because we are incredibly proud of our early education curriculum, Funshine Express®, and what it offers your child. Learning disguised as play, activities that encourage expression and creativity, and exciting opportunities to grow academically, socially, and emotionally, are all foundations of our education program. Your child will learn about their own strengths, movement and body awareness, manners and hygiene, music and foreign language, American Sign Language, and basic school skills such as listening, sitting, reading, and more!

At Shell’s Early Learning Centers, we have a passion for bringing excellence in education and quality care into the lives of every child entrusted to us. For all of your questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly teachers and connect with us online to explore what we have to offer! And, no, it’s not too late to register your early learner! 

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