4 Important Questions to Ask Your Childcare Provider Before You Enroll

4 Important Questions to Ask Your Childcare Provider Before You Enroll

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When looking for a daycare provider for your child, you want to ensure that the staff is taking care of your child in an acceptable manner to you. You most likely have dozens of questions you want to ask before placing your trust. Shell’s Early Learning Center is a top-rated daycare and preschool in Maryland and Delaware. Below, we’ll go over four of the most important questions to ask your childcare provider. Get in touch with our team today!

What Curriculum Do You Use?

You want to ensure that your child is not only being cared for physically, but also mentally. This involves understanding what curriculum the preschool and daycare center is using. Most preschool and daycare centers have a set curriculum that they follow, so you can know exactly what your child will be learning and when.

picture of preschool kids
picture of preschool teacher

How Do You Choose Your Teachers?

Perhaps the most important question you can ask is about the staff. After all, these are the people who will be caring for your child, so you want to ensure that they are qualified and safe to do so. Ask about how the preschool and daycare center vets their teachers and what qualities they look for.

What is the Student-to-Teacher Ratio?

Many daycare and preschool centers have too many kids and not enough teachers to adequately provide for their needs. It’s important that you find out the student-to-teacher ratio so that you know your child will have the attention they need to thrive.

picture of preschool classroom
picture of preschool teacher

How Do You Discipline?

With so many different ways to discipline children these days, it’s super important that the daycare and preschool you choose aligns with how you discipline your children. Ask about time-outs, punishments, consequences, raising teachers’ voices, and more.


Shell’s Early Learning Center offers your children a home away from home. We do our best to foster an environment where your children are not only well cared for, but that they also feel that when they step through the door each and every day. Our staff cares for your children as their own, and they love what they do. If you are interested in enrolling in our daycare or preschool in Delaware or Maryland, get in touch today!

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